Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 072

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Twenty short nonfiction works, individually chosen by the readers. "The ground rose and fell in successive furrows, like the ruffled waters of a lake, and I became bewildered in my ideas..." John James Audubon's vivid recollection of the 1812 New Madrid earthquake is one of several Vol. 072 selections with a scientific focus. Others include Luminous Plants; The Sunbeam and the Spectrascope; and biographies of two shipbuilders: Robert Fulton and Thomas Andrews. The emotive and rational sides of human nature are evinced in essays (The Game of Scandal; Bashful; Child Psychology and Nonsense); treatises (Theory and Practice in Government Reform; Plagiarizing Aristotle); and the records of two very different murder trials: John Kimber (1792); and James Sullivan (1851). Travel to foreign lands; their history and arts are well represented: Rambles About Rome (1907); The Mosaics of Ravenna, Italy; Travellers Before the Christian Era; Northern Europe to the Beginning of the Fourteenth Century. Literary and artistic concerns round out Vol. 072, with newspaper accounts of Oscar Wilde's visits to the U.S.; William Faulkner reminiscing about his youthful discovery of literature; and artist and teacher Arthur Guptill explaining how to render pencil sketches from photographs. Summary by Sue Anderson
(6 hr 26 min)


Audubon's Account of the New Madrid Earthquake (1812) 4:12 Read by KevinS
Bashful 7:29 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
Child Psychology and Nonsense 7:23 Read by ChadH94
Composition and Drawing from Photographs 26:11 Read by Sue Anderson
The Game of Scandal 9:30 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
Luminous Plants 6:47 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Mosaics of Ravenna, Italy 23:50 Read by Sue Anderson
The Murder Trial of James Sullivan 26:58 Read by Colleen McMahon
Northern Europe to the Beginning of the Fourteenth Century 44:06 Read by Piotr Nater
Oscar Wilde: The Aesthetic Apostle's First Appearance in New York Society 1882) 12:42 Read by Rob Marland
Plagiarizing Aristotle 19:52 Read by Craig Campbell
Rambles About Rome (1907) 12:20 Read by BettyB
Robert Fulton 5:41 Read by Availle
The Sunbeam and the Spectrascope (1863) 27:55 Read by Rapunzelina
Theory and Practice in Government Reform 31:42 Read by Craig Campbell
Thomas Andrews, Naval Architect of the Titanic 34:23 Read by ChadH94
Travellers before the Christian Era 31:46 Read by Piotr Nater
The Trial of Captain John Kimber for the Murder of Two Female Negro Slaves (179… 38:21 Read by Jeffery
Verse Old and Nascent: A Pilgrimage 8:03 Read by KevinS
Wilde in America (1895) 7:47 Read by Rob Marland