The Old Ladies

Read by David Wales

(4.5 stars; 19 reviews)

“Quite a number of years ago there was an old rickety building on the rock above Seatown in Polchester, and it was one of a number in an old grass-grown square known as Pontippy Square. In this house at one time or another lived three old ladies,… It was a windy, creaky, rain-bitten dwelling-place for three old ladies….” (excerpt from the book) During the mid 1920s Walpole produced two of his best-known novels in the macabre vein that he drew on from time to time, exploring the fascination of fear and cruelty. The Old Ladies (1924) is a study of a timid elderly spinster exploited and eventually frightened to death by a predatory widow. (5 hr 58 min)


Mrs. Amorest Pays A Visit 29:16 Read by David Wales
Evening In The House - Agatha Payne 26:22 Read by David Wales
Life Of May Beringer 28:16 Read by David Wales
Red Amber 36:45 Read by David Wales
Christmas Eve 37:33 Read by David Wales
Agatha Secretly... 27:11 Read by David Wales
Death Of Hopes 27:47 Read by David Wales
May Beringer Tries To Escape 32:38 Read by David Wales
The Sense Of Danger 28:17 Read by David Wales
Death Of May Beringer 29:38 Read by David Wales
Mrs. Amorest Shows Courage 28:43 Read by David Wales
The House Is Abandoned 26:01 Read by David Wales



(5 stars)

One reviewer calls this story "dark" and it is. But, it is a very accurate study of the lonely, aged persons who have no one to care for them. In "JEREMY" Walpole takes us back to our childhood. Perhaps no other writer could describe these extremes so well, and that is Walpole's genius. Of course, it does not hurt to have David Wales reading for you.


(4 stars)

A cautionary tale; never assume that a little old lady is harmless. Greed, lust for power, impatience and other unpleasant personal issues get worse as we get older unless we consciously work to control them.

great listen

(4.5 stars)

It was a short book, I really enjoyed it. Who knew the old ladies would be so interesting! 🤨

good story, well read

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this story, dark though it was. The reader did a fine job.