Pee-Wee Harris on the Trail

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In this, the second Pee-Wee Harris adventure, we follow young Walter, B.S.A (Boy of Superior Appetite or Boy Scout of America, take your pick) as he encounters robbers, proves himself a good friend and follows a trail of footprints into trouble. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (4 hr 0 min)


The Lone Figure 3:48 Read by KevinS
A Pathetic Sight 3:39 Read by KevinS
Three Good Turns 5:57 Read by KevinS
The Five Reeler 4:11 Read by KevinS
R-R-R-Robbers! 4:59 Read by KevinS
A Message in the Dark 3:57 Read by Kathryn Phipps
Locked Doors 4:07 Read by Kathryn Phipps
A Discovery 3:55 Read by Kathryn Phipps
The Tenth Case 5:11 Read by Kathryn Phipps
A Race with Death 4:43 Read by Kathryn Phipps
A Rural Paradise 3:47 Read by Steven Winterburn
Enter the Genuine Article 9:45 Read by Steven Winterburn
A Friend in Need 5:17 Read by Steven Winterburn
Saved! 4:40 Read by John
In Camp 9:56 Read by John
Footprints 6:51 Read by John
Action 5:26 Read by John
The Message 4:25 Read by John
Page Two Hundred and Eight-Four 5:25 Read by John
Stop! 6:38 Read by John
Seein' Things 9:30 Read by John
Hark! The Conquering Hero Comes 6:54 Read by John
Peter Finds a Way 6:12 Read by John
Deserted 9:47 Read by John
Bedlam 8:35 Read by John
The Culprit at the Bar 8:56 Read by John
Some Noise 4:41 Read by John
On the Trail 4:56 Read by John
Voices 6:04 Read by John
Face to Face 7:20 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick
Alone 5:11 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick
On to Bridgeboro 4:51 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick
Hark! The Conquering Hero Comes Back 5:23 Read by Bill Mosley
Pee-Wee Holds Forth 5:56 Read by Bill Mosley
Scoutmaster Ned Doesn't See 7:40 Read by Bill Mosley
More Handling 4:39 Read by KevinS
Hints 7:27 Read by KevinS
The Fixer 4:16 Read by KevinS
Betrayed! 8:56 Read by KevinS
Guess Again 6:41 Read by KevinS