01 Jean Jacques Perrey AV Festival I

In 2008, Jean-Jacques Perrey and his musical partner Dana Countryman appeared at the first AV Festival, which took place at the Sage, Gateshead in March of that year. In the afternoon, Jean-Jacques presented a lecture talking about his life of music-making, where he also gave a demonstration of how to make a tape loop.  Amongst many others in the audience for that talk were James Cargill and Trish Keenan from Broadcast and Dick Mills from the Radiophonic Workshop (who DJ Bongoboy ended up sitting next to). Later that day, Jean-Jacques and Dana took to the stage to perform some of Jean-Jacques' greatest hits, as well as some of the music they'd been making together. Before the evening show, we were lucky enough to spend some time with these two great gentlemen and recorded an interview with them. More information about their appearance at the AV Festival can be found here: http://www.avfestival.co.uk/programme/2008/events-exhibitions/radiophonia The interview we carried out at the AV Festival formed part of an edition of Project Moonbase which was broadcast in March 2008 but until now this show has not been available as a podcast. You can see the playlist for this show and also listen to or download the show from: http://www.projectmoonbase.com/jjpavfestival Later the same year, we got another chance to interview Jean-Jacques and Dana (this time through the ether) to mark the release of their second album together, Destination Space.  This interview was split over two further shows and these too are now available as podcasts from the PMB website.