Thomas Merton-02 Lutum Fecit The Lord Made Clay Of Spittle'

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The second song on SIDE A of this acclaimed LP. Gregorian Chants are mostly scripture passages in Latin. Thomas Merton translates Latin to English as his fellow Trappist monks sing Gregorian Chants. This LP is a highly prized item and many lamented that apparently a CD version didn't exist. At considerable expense, I sent the LP to a professional media formatter because I wanted all to enjoy it. Most of the chants are the parables of Jesus, Scripture Passages etc. #2 is Lutum fecit is "The Lord made Clay of Spittle."   Lutum fecit ex sputo Dominus [Mode VI] The LORD made clay of spittle, and anointed mine eyes: and I went, and washed, and received sight, and believed in God. (Text, John 9: 11) This is the Communion antiphon for Mass Of Wednesday, the Fourth Sunday after Lent.