Moments of Vision and Miscellaneous Verses (Selection)

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Hardy claimed poetry as his first love, and published collections until his death in 1928. Although not as well received by his contemporaries as his novels, Hardy's poetry has been applauded considerably in recent years. Most of his poems deal with themes of disappointment in love and life, and mankind's long struggle against indifference to human suffering. (Summary from Wikipedia). (0 hr 56 min)


We Sat At The Window 1:06 Read by Carolyn Frances
Change, The 2:42 Read by David Barnes
Afternoon Service at Mellstock 0:49 Read by Corun
First Sight of Her and After 0:45 Read by Corun
At the Word 'Farewell' 1:38 Read by David Barnes
At a Country Fair 1:20 Read by noonday
Five Students, The 2:15 Read by James Gladwin
Afterwards 1:53 Read by James Gladwin
Background and the Figure, The 0:53 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Figure in the Scene, The 1:08 Read by cricket
Young Churchwarden, The 1:06 Read by cricket
Dolls, The 0:55 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Life Laughs Onward 1:03 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Pink Frock, The 0:49 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Peace-Offering, The 0:46 Read by Hit_Picker
Glimpse, The 1:23 Read by David Barnes
Pedestrian, The - an Incident of 1883 2:15 Read by David Barnes
Choirmaster's Burial, The 1:49 Read by David Barnes
Memorial Brass: 186-, The 1:38 Read by David Barnes
Paying Calls 1:04 Read by David Barnes
Upper Birch-Leaves, The 1:06 Read by David Barnes
He Fears His Good Fortune 1:11 Read by David Barnes
Jubilate 2:25 Read by David Barnes
I Thought, My Heart 1:18 Read by David Barnes
Shadow on the Stone, The 1:41 Read by Hit_Picker
Nettles, The 1:07 Read by Wen Rolland
On a Midsummer Eve 0:59 Read by Peter Yearsley
Faded Face, The 1:12 Read by Peter Yearsley
Transformations 1:03 Read by David Barnes
In a Waiting-Room 2:16 Read by David Barnes
Clock-Winder, The 1:51 Read by David Barnes
In a Whispering-Gallery 1:06 Read by David Barnes
This Heart - A Woman's Dream 2:34 Read by Cori Samuel
To Shakespeare After Three Hundred Years 2:14 Read by Cori Samuel
Great Things 1:25 Read by Cori Samuel
Before Knowledge 0:58 Read by Wen Rolland
Upbraiding, An 0:52 Read by Wen Rolland
Old Excursions 1:19 Read by Peter Yearsley
Paths of Former Time 1:13 Read by Peter Yearsley
Moments of Vision 1:16 Read by Priya, India


pretty good readings of Hardy's poetry

(3.5 stars)

This collection of Thomas Hardy's poetry is read properly and audibly by most of the readers here. As is usually the case with Librivox readings of English poetry collections, a dearth of Englishness in many of the readers voices is distractingly noticeable, but it's not a big problem here. It's an above-average reading, all said.