The Tale of Paddy Muskrat

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Enter Pleasant Valley, the home of the interesting and entertaining creatures and adventures born of American author Arthur Scott Bailey. The Tale of Paddy Muskrat is one of many works penned by Bailey that are part of his Sleep-Time Tales set intended for young children. Come enjoy the turns of luck and whims of the laziest member of the valley. - Summary by Bill Turns

Prooflisteners: KevinS and MaryinArkansas (1 hr 12 min)


Paddy's Little Joke 3:34 Read by BillTurns
The New Hat 4:06 Read by BillTurns
Pink or Red? 3:54 Read by BillTurns
Sweet-Flag 4:47 Read by BillTurns
Visitors 3:10 Read by BillTurns
The Hungry Cousins 2:50 Read by BillTurns
Mr. Crow's Fault 3:16 Read by BillTurns
The Eating-House 3:59 Read by BillTurns
Don't Eat the Spoons! 4:50 Read by BillTurns
The Tin Dipper 5:43 Read by BillTurns
Seeing the Doctor 3:28 Read by KevinS
A Sad Accident 4:18 Read by KevinS
Brass Buttons 3:51 Read by KevinS
The New Policeman 3:56 Read by KevinS
Throwing Stones 5:01 Read by KevinS
Red-Head 3:17 Read by KevinS
Fish to Fry 4:01 Read by KevinS
Scaring Peter Mink 4:24 Read by KevinS