When They Were Girls

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Jane Addams, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Frances Burnett, Julia Howe, Hellen Keller, and Harriet Beecher Stowe are some of the influencial women in our history whose lives and accomplishments are covered in this little book. "When They Were Girls contains the stories of a group of American women, each one of whom occupies a very important place in her particular field. The stories of these women have been written many times before. We feel, however, that in this book you possibly may find that their stories have been written in a little different way. Our desire has been to bring very closely to the attention of our many readers some of the outstanding characteristics in the girlhoods of these women, and to show the relationship between these qualities in girlhood and the achievements of adult life." - Summary by author (2 hr 56 min)


Editor's Introduction 4:07 Read by BettyB
Jane Addams - The Girl Who Became a Neighbor to the Needy 5:42 Read by Ruthema
Louisa M. Alcott - Whose Stories of Real Life Are a Delight to Girls and Boys 6:58 Read by Julian Pratley
Susan B. Anthony - Who Worked for Sixty Years to Secure Rights for Women 6:49 Read by Larry Wilson
Clara Barton - The Girl Who Unfurled the First American Red Cross Flag 7:47 Read by KevinS
Amy Marcy Cheney Beach - The Girl Who Made Melodies 6:28 Read by BettyB
Cecilia Beaux - Whose Paint Brush Has Brought Her Fame 6:42 Read by Nettle
Evangeline Booth - The Girl Who Lived the Meaning of Her Name 7:39 Read by BettyB
Frances Hodgson Burnett - The Girl Who Loved Stories and Wrote Them 7:13 Read by gaddej1
Katharine Bement Davis - The Girl Who Has Helped to Straighten Twisted Lives 6:37 Read by Julian Pratley
Grace Hoadley Dodge - The Girl Who Worked for Working Girl 6:40 Read by Ruthema
Alice Cunningham Fletcher - The Girl Who Befriended the Red Man 7:26 Read by Harmon Lee Busby
Louise Homer - Who Believes that Hard Work Is the Secret of Her Success as a Si… 6:09 Read by Jenn Broda
Harriet Goodhue Hosmer - The Girl Who Loved Art More Than Ease 6:41 Read by Julian Pratley
Julia Ward Howe - Whose Battle Hymn Sang Itself into the Hearts of a Nation 7:54 Read by Nettle
Helen Keller - The Deaf and Blind Girl Who Found Light and Happiness Through K… 7:06 Read by Larry Wilson
Maria Mitchell - The Girl Who Studied the Stars 7:58 Read by BettyB
Alice Freeman Palmer -The Girl Who Guided College Girls 6:59 Read by BettyB
Maud Powell - The Girl Whose Violin Spread Afar the Message of Music 7:22 Read by Jenn Broda
Ellen H. Richards -A Scientist Who Helped Home-Makers 7:55 Read by BettyB
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The Girl Who Helped to Draft Woman’s Declaration of In… 7:42 Read by Larry Wilson
Harriet Beecher Stowe - The Girl Whose Story of Slavery Aroused The Whole World 7:24 Read by Kathleen Moore
Kate Douglas Wiggin - Who Put the Joy of Living into Her Books 8:11 Read by Jenn Broda
Frances E. Willard - The Girl Who Fought the Dragon, Drink 8:33 Read by Kathleen Moore
Ella Flagg Young - Whose Slogan Was “Better Schools for Girls and Boys” 6:53 Read by Kathleen Moore