Practical Buddhism Series

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Practical Buddhism Series with Don Isaacson Thursdays, 7:00pm–8:30pm ​March 23–April 13, 2017: Anger and Patience, Attachment and Aversion ​May 25–June 15, 2017: Jealousy and Pride July 6–August 3, 2017: Miserliness and Belligerence August 31–October 5, 2017: Concealment/Dissimulation/Deceit and Faith/Non-Faith October 12–December 14, 2017: Five afflicted views; Shame/Non-shame; Embarrassment/Non-embarrassment January 18, 2018: Conscientiousness, Non-conscientiousness, Guilt, Regret January 25, 2018: Lethargy, Laziness February 8, 2018: Non-attachment, Equanimity March 1, 2018: Harmfulness, Doubt March 8, 2018: Review Have you studied the Dharma or completed the Discovering Buddhism Programs? Ready to take the next step to integrate your learnings into experience? The "Practical Buddhism" series explores how we can integrate Buddhist teachings into our every day lives as well as support a daily practice. In a typical class we will have teachings, meditations, and discussions. We will focus on a particular topic for a few weeks.


Not a book, just ramdom Buddhist chit chat

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Too much chit chat and just an introduction to basic things that otherwise could take just 5 minutes to explain, not hours

Good, calming practical advice and discussion.

(4.5 stars)