Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Version 7)

Read by Craig Franklin

(4.8 stars; 125 reviews)

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is probably one of the most well known and popular children's novels in the English language. Written in 1865 by Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson, better known by his pen name ‘Lewis Carrol’. Lewis, a mathematician, poet, photographer and inventor, tells a surreal fantasy tale, of Alice, who visits a world of unnatural logic after following a very smart White Rabbit, down a rabbit hole. The world she discovers is inhabited by the strangest and most endearing characters; The ‘Mad Hatter’, the sleepy ‘Dormouse’, the ‘Queen of Hearts’ and many more.

Every child should insist that this story is read to them! And they will remember it for ever, just like Alice.

This book was originally illustrated by Sir John Tenniel. His images are iconic and help to seed the imagination of any little person, no matter how big they are!
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(Summary by Craig Franklin) (3 hr 9 min)


Chapter 1 : Down the rabbit hole. 14:24 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 2 : The pool of tears. 14:41 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 3 : A Caucus-race and a long tale. 12:08 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 4 : The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill 17:57 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 5 : Advice from a Caterpillar. 15:55 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 6 : Pig and pepper. 17:39 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 7 : A Mad Tea-Party. 16:41 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 8 : The Queen’s Croquet-Ground. 17:31 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 9 : The Mock Turtle’s Story. 17:23 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 10 : The Lobster Quadrille 15:51 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 11 : Who Stole the Tarts? 13:37 Read by Craig Franklin
Chapter 12 : Alice’s Evidence. 16:05 Read by Craig Franklin


Superb reading !

(5 stars)

This is among the finest LibriVox recordings I’ve heard. Craig Franklin’s reading is full of lively humour and memorable characters that bring Wonderland to life. Without a doubt the best of the many versions, and one that i will listen to again with great pleasure .

(5 stars)

Excellent voices each one different enough for every character.

(5 stars)

A wonderful reading of this wonderful classic!

Wonderful reader!

(5 stars)

Craig Franklin has a distinctive voice for each character. He really makes them come alive. You can hear Alice's "little girl" voice, and the rich fruity tones of the king on his throne, and the irate voice of the queen ordering executions. I really love this book, and I have listened to other readers, some of whom were quite good. But Craig Franklin stands above them all in using an amazing variety of voices to bring the book to life.

My 9--year old daughter enjoyed it

(5 stars)


(5 stars)

Great voices and read properly.

awesome book ! thanks so much!

(5 stars)

thank you very much for the book! shout out to Mr. Craig Franklin for the amazing voice! you really made the story come true and sounded all the voices. thank you also to the author for one of my favorite books ever. as a almost 4th grader it is very interesting and I look forward to telling my best friends about Alice's adventures in wonderland. I am looking forward to reading Through the looking glass. thank you so much. I hope other homeschoolers enjoy this book . 📖 😊 goodbye!

excellently read!!

(5 stars)

Bravo! Would love to have more Librivox readers who put this much care and character into the readings. Thank you.