PMB015 Caterina Valente: A Woman Born for Music (23/01/2011)

On this week's show we wish a belated Happy 80th Birthday to that polyglottal pop princess, Caterina Valente, by playing lots of tunes by Ms Valente and her associates. We'll also be hearing from Italian prog horrorists, Goblin, who are playing in Glasgow next month and we have another track from the soundtrack to Copacabana by Tim Gane and Sean O'Hagan. In addition the music, MC Zirconium will be telling us all about losing weight the easy way, banishing grey hair and easting your own weight in Tunnock's Tea Cakes. In addition to the West Midlands Retro-Futuristic Pop, MC Zirconium will also be telling us that he's not a witch, he's nothing you've heard, he's you, you. For more information: Visit the website: Follow us on Twitter: Join our Facebook group: