Pee-Wee Harris: Fixer

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(4.2 stars; 3 reviews)

Pee-Wee Harris, Boy Scout of America and Boy of Superior Appetite returns for another adventure -- just normal events in the life of a boy. Parades, a visit to New York, exploring the woods and introducing a new boy to scouting life. (3 hr 56 min)


He Appears 4:25 Read by Lynne T
Mug 5:13 Read by Julian Pratley
The Solemn Vow 10:50 Read by BinduveGG1
The Noon Hour 4:36 Read by Julian Pratley
Queen Tut 10:20 Read by Kristin Micalizio
The Safety Patrol 9:02 Read by Kristin Micalizio
I am the Law 6:52 Read by Kristin Micalizio
The Protector 5:16 Read by Kristin Micalizio
The Parade 8:31 Read by Kristin Micalizio
The Fixer 7:31 Read by Kristin Micalizio
Pee-Wee's Promise 9:01 Read by Lynne T
Culture Triumphant 8:09 Read by Kristin Micalizio
Missionary Work 4:08 Read by Kristin Micalizio
Seeing New York 5:10 Read by Kristin Micalizio
In for It 7:47 Read by Vivianlyu
The Real Emerson 6:57 Read by John
Alone 11:23 Read by John
Deduction 7:18 Read by John
In the Dead of Night 5:24 Read by John
The Depths 4:49 Read by gerberock
Darkness 3:53 Read by gerberock
Arabella 6:05 Read by gerberock
In the Woods 5:50 Read by Valentina Vocelli
Robin Hood 6:49 Read by Valentina Vocelli
A New Member 4:47 Read by John
A Fresh Start 7:08 Read by John
Action 5:38 Read by gerberock
Not a Scout 8:20 Read by gerberock
Voices 4:51 Read by gerberock
When Greek Meets Greek 5:35 Read by Margaret
Bob, Scoutmaker 4:36 Read by Margaret
The New Scout 5:52 Read by Margaret
Over the Radio 5:13 Read by gerberock
The Short Cut 4:22 Read by gerberock
'Danger' 6:25 Read by gerberock
Pee-Wee Triumphant 8:40 Read by gerberock