PMB026 Martin Denny 100: Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Baja Marimba Band, Waitiki…

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Today (10 April 2011) marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the giants of exotica, in fact one of the creators of exotica, namely Mr Martin Denny. So on the show this week you'll be hearing the sultry sunlit sounds of Martin Denny as well as music by some of his proteges and some most interesting arrangements of some of his tunes. To fully appreciate this edition of the show, we recommend Bermuda shorts or grass skirt, a Hawaiian shirt or pair of judiciously placed pair of coconut shells and if you insist on wearing sandals, please, no socks. MC Zirconium tells us the first-a rule of Italian driving: what's-a behind me is not important. You can find out more about the show, purchase tracks played and download podcasts old and new from our very own website: New editions of the podcast are made available every Sunday evening around 8pm (GMT). You can subscribe to the podcast by adding this address to iTunes (or your preferred feed reader): Do also please follow us on Twitter: And join our Facebook group:




(5 stars)

01. Baja Marimba Band: Along Comes Mary From Fowl Play 02. Arthur Lyman: Hawaii 5-0 From Today’s Greatest Hits 03. YMCK: Magical 8-Bit Tour Magical 8bit Tour - YMCK Watch 04. Martin Denny: Quiet Village (Edit) From Exotic Moog 05. Javed Allahditta: Pahari From Charms Of Sitar 06. Martin Denny: M’Gambo Mambo From Primitiva 07. Pepe Jaramillo & His Piano & His Latin American Rhythm: Sway From Mexican Fiesta 08. The WAITIKI 7: Firecracker From New Sounds Of Exotica 09. Martin Denny: Hypnotique From A Taste Of India 10. Martin Denny: Interview (Excerpt) From Best Of Martin Denny’s Exotica 11. Martin Denny: Sukara From Forbidden Island 12. Martin Denny: Caravan From Exotica III