PMB027 Popcorn: Enoch Light, Scharlatan, Gershon Kingsley, Jonny Trunk, Heaven …

We are always alert when cosmic alignments suggest themes for the show. Of late we have found ourselves enjoying that classic Gershon Kingsley tune, Popcorn, and in particular some moustache-twirling interpretations of said tune. We thought it therefore worthile to devote this week's show to some of these extraordinary arrangements. As well as all the hot buttery goodness of popcorn, we also have a couple of tracks from Italian library music supremo, Giampiero Bonsechi, some Enoch Light, some Bruce Haack re-imagined by Brother Cleve and possibly the first example of chiptune on vinyl (or at least flexi-disc) from all the way back in 1983. This show also sees the start of an occasional series whereby we drag our listeners one at a time into the Moonbase Experimental Lounge of Music (The M.E.L.M.) and subject them to various auditory and psychological tests. After which they are allowed to dedicate a track on the show to a loved one. This week sees the appearance of that much-loved long time listener, Squig. MC Zirconium for his part tells us it is the largest of scaly animals, and it has the following nine characteristics. Its head is like a camels, its horns like a deer's, its eyes like a hare's, its ears like a bull's, its neck like an iguana's, its belly like a frog's, its scales like those of a carp, its paws like a tiger's, and its claws like an eagle's. It has nine times nine scales, it being the extreme of a lucky number. You can find out more about the show, purchase tracks played and download podcasts old and new from our very own website: New editions of the podcast are made available every Sunday evening around 8pm (GMT). You can subscribe to the podcast by adding this address to iTunes (or your preferred feed reader): Do also please follow us on Twitter: And join our Facebook group:




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01. Enoch Light & The Brass Menagerie: Touch Me From Enoch Light & The Brass Menagerie 02. Scharlatan: Popcorn 03. Jonny Trunk: Wife Swapper From Scrap Book 04. Gershon Kingsley: Popcorn From Music To Moog By 05. Giampiero Boneschi: Moogy Dayz From Moogy Dayz, Vol. 1 06. Heaven 17: Key To The World 07. Barking Classics: Popcorn From The Classics 08. Little Ukulele Monster: Popcorn 09. Brother Cleve: Music 4 Robots From Dimension Mix: A Tribute To Dimension 5 Records 10. Giampiero Boneschi: Metamorphosis From Metamorphosis & Italian Folk Big Band 11. Edward Simoni: Popcorn: Edward Simoni From Das Beste 12. Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra: Caravan From 100 Jazz Legends