PMB056 Whistle While You Yodel: Shlomo/Swingle Singers, Tex Morton, Slim Gailla…

Loyal listener Squig is to thank for suggesting this week's theme which explores yodelling, whistling, beat-boxing, throat singing and many other novel uses of the human voice. It turns out there is a goldmine of extraordinary vocal recordings out there and we've found several artists who are new to us at the Moonbase but whose work we feel will be featuring heavily in future shows. If you have an idea for a theme for a future episode of the show, dear listener, please make use of the plentiful options below to get in touch with your suggestion. More information about Project Moonbase can be found at our website: http://www.projectmoonbaseâ.com/ That's also the place to go to purchase tracks played on the show and download podcasts old and new. If you are currently operating a podcast or RSS client (eg: iTunes), you can subscribe to the podcast by using this address: http://feeds.feedburner.coâm/blogspot/pmb (If you don't have a neice or nephew to hand to explain how to do that, there is a handy guide on the website) Do also please follow us on Twitter:âmoonbase We have a Facebook group you may care to join: We also have a Facebook page which you may care to "like":âojectmoonbase And we even have one of those there email addresses should you wish to get in touch: New editions of the podcast are made available every Sunday. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook to find out as soon as the latest show becomes available. Don't forget that a highly collectable cassette edition of PMB046 (Cassette Heads) is available from the Project Moonbase website for the trifling sum of 2.99 GBP (plus postage and packing). Yours ululatorily, DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium




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01. Shlomo & The Swingle Singers: A Fifth Of Beethoven From Beauty & The Beatbox 02. Toots Thielemans: Indian Nuts From The Whistler & His Guitar 03. Tex Morton: Big Rock Candy Mountain From Yodellin’ Crazy 04. Ensemble Salgal: Dekey-Oo From Festival Of Tuvan Music In Moscow 05. Slim Gaillard: Soony-Roony From Complete Jazz Series 1947 – 1951 06. Ronnie Ronalde: Il Bacio From The Yodelling Whistler 07. Mary Schneider: Radetzky March Yodel From Yodeling The Classics (The Complete Collection) 08. Whistler Wilson: The Old Rugged Cross From Whistling With Echo 09. Slam Stewart, Major Holley (Featuring Dick Hyman & Oliver Jackson): Side By Side From Shut Yo’ Mouth! 10. Jack Hodges: Everything Is Fresh Today From Old School British Comedy