PMB091 Mexican Moon Dance: Keith Mansfield, Percy Faith, Perry London, Esquivel…

We play a lot of Mexican music on the show but we've been thinking for a while that it was about time we tried to sort out the fake (mainly German) Mexicans from the real thing. So on this week's show you'll hear music which is equal parts sauerkraut and sombrero with tunes from Keith Mansfield, Percy Faith, Esquivel, Pepe Jaramillo, Jean-Jacques Perrey, The Mexicali Brass, Conlon Nancarrow and Florence Foster Jenkins amongst others. Each edition of Project Moonbase is available for download around 8pm BST (UTC+1) every Sunday evening. You can find out more about the show at our website: That's also the place to go to purchase tracks played on the show and download podcasts old and new. If you would like to subscribe to the podcast, the easiest way is to subscribe via iTunes: Alternatively, you can add this address to your podcast/RSS feed reader: Do also please follow us on Twitter: We also have a Facebook page which you may care to "like": And we even have one of those there email addresses should you wish to get in touch: Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It wonât cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you! Yours meso-americanly, DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium




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01. Keith Mansfield: The Mexican D.J. From The Big Beat 02. Percy Faith: La Cucaracha From Two Classical Albums 03. The Perry London: A Bavarian In Mexico From Swing Ist In 04. Esquivel: Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali) From Latin-Esque 05. Pepe Jaramillo His Piano & His Latin American Rhythm: El Choclo From Latin American Rithm 06. El Vez: Samba Para Elvis From How Great Thou Art – The Greatest Hits Of El Vez 07. Ferrante & Teicher: Mexican Hat Dance From Soundproof 08. Jean-Jacques Perrey: The Mexican Cactus From The Out Sound From Way In! 09. The Mexicali Brass: The Grasshopper From South Of The Border, Volume 1 10. Gil Slote & The Children Of New York P.S. 63: Our Happy Neighbor Mexico From Gosh, What A Wonderful World! 11. Conlon Nancarrow: Study No. 3e From Studies For Piano Player 12. Florence Foster Jenkins: Serenata Mexicano From The Glory (????) Of The Human Voice 13. I Am Robot & Proud: Mexico City From Grace Days