The Magnificent Adventure

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(3.8 stars; 14 reviews)

"The Magnificent Adventure" in 1916 was set at the time of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This fictional story is brimming with adventure and action, having to do with a gallant gentleman and is written well as Emerson Hough was famous for writing stirring westerns. - Summary by April6090 (10 hr 1 min)


Mother and Son 19:30 Read by April6090
Meriwether and Theodosia 23:37 Read by weezer
Mr. Burr and Mr. Merry 12:31 Read by acousticwave
President and Secretary 18:13 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Pell-Mell and Some Consequences 38:07 Read by Ritu Aarcee
The Great Conspiracy 21:03 Read by Mike Manolakes
Colonel Burr and His Daughter 10:20 Read by mleigh
The Parting 24:27 Read by Shasta
Mr. Thomas Jefferson 31:33 Read by Shasta
The Threshold of the West 24:48 Read by Shasta
The Taming of Patrick Gass 12:05 Read by mleigh
Captain William Clark 8:13 Read by Mike Manolakes
Under Three Flags 14:55 Read by KevinS
The Rent in the Armor 16:52 Read by April6090
Under One Flag 24:56 Read by Carol R
The Mysterious Letter 17:50 Read by acousticwave
The Day’s Work 12:58 Read by April6090
The Crossroads of the West 13:57 Read by Mike Manolakes
The Appeal 24:35 Read by Shasta
Which Way? 26:44 Read by Shasta
The Mountains 16:51 Read by April6090
Trail’s End 14:19 Read by Ritu Aarcee
The Summons 11:25 Read by Mike Manolakes
The Abyss 30:31 Read by KirksVoice
The Bee 13:22 Read by Sandra Cullum
What Voice Had Called? 18:05 Read by AndreasDanko
The News 12:45 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Guests of a Nation 12:18 Read by Mike Manolakes
Mr. Jefferson’s Advice 12:59 Read by Ritu Aarcee
The Quality of Mercy 17:17 Read by Ritu Aarcee
The Friends 12:35 Read by April6090
The Wilderness 22:21 Read by Ritu Aarcee
Down to the Sea 9:00 Read by April6090


Wonderful Book, Atrocious Readers.

(2 stars)

Wonderful historic novel ruined by the inconsistent reading by a team of readers, some of which have heavy accents making them difficult to understand, others that speak in painfully slow and boring monotone, and some of which did a splendid job. Unfortunately, despite my interest in the material, I feel like I only heard or understood about 35% of the reading. Such a shame to have slaughtered such a splendid book in this manner.

a bland stew

(2 stars)

this is not a story of adventure. it's mostly political discussions with a thin, vague romance in it. different reader for every chapter. most of them were hard to understand or painfully slow and monotone. It's hard to listen to deep American history in a oriental accent where many common words are pronounced wrong. Hard to listen to, especially since the story was mostly boring.