Nine Unlikely Tales

Read by Cori Samuel

(4.8 stars; 76 reviews)

Nine original and, yes, unlikely fairy-tales, which include stories of the arithmetic fairy, the king who became a charming villa-residence and the dreadful automatic nagging machine.

All are classic-Nesbit: charming, novel and not afraid to squeeze in a moral or two -- told with proper fairy-tale style.

Summary by Cori

(4 hr 29 min)


1 - The Cockatoucan 37:06 Read by Cori Samuel
2 - Whereyouwantogoto 29:41 Read by Cori Samuel
3 - The Blue Mountain 32:57 Read by Cori Samuel
4 - The Prince, Two Mice, and some Kitchen-Maids 28:55 Read by Cori Samuel
5 - Melisande; or Long and Short Division 29:28 Read by Cori Samuel
6 - Fortunatus Rex and Co. 32:29 Read by Cori Samuel
7 - The Sums That Came Right 22:07 Read by Cori Samuel
8 - The Town in the Library, in the Town in the Library 27:20 Read by Cori Samuel
9 - The Plush Usurper 29:56 Read by Cori Samuel



(5 stars)

Terrific reading. Nesbit's wonderful stories are brought to life in a convincing and delightful manner.

excellent reader

(5 stars)

Cori is one of my favorite readers so far. she has an exceptionally pleasant, melodic voice. the stories are charming and comical.

Very engaging

(5 stars)

Best reader I've heard on Librivox! Thanks Cori for bringing the stories to life. ☺️

I love this book Edith Nesbit is my favorite

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

This may be my favorite audio book!

great stories and great reader!

(5 stars)

highly recommend!!

very good, easy to use

(4.5 stars)

Knowing librevox I installed this app. It became my favorite. I like the timer functions. It's easy to find books, as is on the website. the only thing that didn't work is downloading the books. Don't know why. If that would work it'll be 5+ stars.

Amazing one of my favorites 👍🏻❕

(5 stars)