Lot No. 249

Read by Availle

(4.2 stars; 50 reviews)

Abercrombie Smith, Edward Bellingham and William Monkhouse Lee are three students at Oxford University, sharing adjacent lodgings. When people against whom Bellingham holds a grudge are attacked, Smith starts to investigate. Is Bellingham innocent? But what are the strange noises coming from his room when he is not home?

This short gothic horror story first published in 1892 is a bit outside the usual haunts of Conan Doyle and has been compared to the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and H. Rider Haggard. - Summary by Availle (1 hr 26 min)


Part 1 29:00 Read by Availle
Part 2 23:21 Read by Availle
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Fun story

(4 stars)

written from a "what if it's real and we just can't prove it" viewpoint. I love how the medical student handles the situation

Loved this recording

(5 stars)

.Remember listening to the ladybird cassette as a kid and been looking for audio book. Very well read, the reader is able to put life into each character.

(5 stars)

I'm not a Conan Doyle fan at all but I really enjoyed this tale.good reader too

(5 stars)

the reader is really good and the story interesting

Quite Spooky

(4 stars)

A good reading of an unusual tale.