Molly, The Drummer Boy

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Molly, The Drummer Boy is the tale of a brave drummer, who, during the war of the Revolution, passed like a gleam of brightness, fun—and alas! sadness through the scenes of war and bloodshed; winning the friendship of all, the esteem and consideration of General Washington himself, and lastly a page or so in history. - Summary by Harriet Theresa Comstock (1 hr 36 min)


A Word Before Beginning 1:20 Read by KevinS
How Debby Lost Her Father 8:38 Read by KevinS
Debby Takes Her Own Way 6:43 Read by KevinS
All That Was Left of Debby 8:18 Read by Lily
And Now We Come to Molly 15:02 Read by weezer
While Molly Waited, He Listened 7:27 Read by Tristan
How Molly Bore the News 10:30 Read by Tristan
A Strange Christmas 12:53 Read by weezer
Another Message for Debby 8:23 Read by weezer
The Last of Molly 9:30 Read by weezer
Debby Comes into Her Own at Last 7:38 Read by weezer