Peg O' My Heart

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The Chichester family have just gone bankrupt due to bank failure. Their situation looks gloomy until Mrs. Chichester learns of the death of her brother Nathaniel. While Nathaniel hasn't left them any money, he put a clause into his will stating that, if the daughter of his other sister can receive a proper education and become a lady, the family who raised her will receive a considerable sum of money every year. This daughter is named Peg. - Summary by ambsweet13

The Characters in the Comedy:
Mrs. Chichester: Kelly S. Taylor
Alaric, her son: Andrew James
Ethel, her daughter: Melissa Buell
Montgomery Hawkes, Solicitor: Alan Mapstone
Christian Brent: Jason Gemenetzis
Footman, Jarvis: Son of the Exiles
Maid, Bennet: ambsweet13
Jerry: David Purdy
Peg: Jenn Broda
Stage Directions: Wayne Cooke
(3 hr 30 min)


Act 1 Part 1 49:57 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 1 Part 2 48:29 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 2 Part 1 53:13 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 2 Part 2 19:21 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 3 39:10 Read by LibriVox Volunteers