The Romance of Modern Astronomy

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From the series, The Library of Romance, the reader is introduced in this book to the modern astronomy of 1911. The author discusses our solar system, including the planets known at that time, comets, the stars, the origins of the universe, and a few famous astronomers. (10 hr 6 min)


Our Place in the Universe 15:30 Read by Krista Zaleski
Effects of the Earth's Motions 21:41 Read by Matt Stiner
The Orb of Night 19:57 Read by czandra
The Fountain of Light 20:36 Read by Krista Zaleski
The Sun's Family of Worlds 19:34 Read by Andrea Kotzer
Mercury, The "Sparkling One" 10:42 Read by Krista Zaleski
The Evening Star 17:51 Read by Rolga
Mars, The Red Planet 28:45 Read by raiynn
The Asteroids 19:57 Read by Kerry Adams
Jupiter, the Giant Planet 17:52 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Saturn, the Ringed World 17:05 Read by Jack Hill
The Boundaries of the Solar System 17:37 Read by Sharon V.
The Sun's Family of Comets 18:45 Read by Andrea Weinman
The Messengers of Space 19:30 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Nature of Comets 15:00 Read by Isaac Janney
The Shooting Stars 16:03 Read by Kayla S
Eclipses and Transits 22:30 Read by Krista Zaleski
The Suns of Space 19:58 Read by Andrea Kotzer
The Revelation of Starlight 21:00 Read by Matt Stiner
Systems of Stars 14:01 Read by Matt Stiner
The Motions of the Stars 11:12 Read by czandra
The Fire Mist 9:57 Read by Taylor Nuffer
The Galaxy 12:26 Read by Krista Zaleski
The Origin of the Universe 19:11 Read by Larry Wilson
The Romance of the Tides 16:20 Read by czandra
Light and its Mysteries 12:07 Read by czandra
How to Know the Stars 21:25 Read by czandra
Telescopes and Observatories 22:27 Read by VTDave
The Romance of Discovery: The Early Astronomers 19:17 Read by Kathy Kay
The Romance of Discovery: Galileo and Kepler 24:51 Read by Kathy Kay
Newton and his Successors 33:52 Read by Matt Stiner
The Conquest of the Stars 12:36 Read by Traceyann
A Final Survey 16:58 Read by Larry Wilson