The Sick Man's Comfort Book

Read by MaryAnn

Amongst the many wonderful truths which are spoken of God in the Bible, one of the most wonderful and beautiful is that He is a "God of comfort."

"Comfort" is such a soothing word in itself, that, the moment we hear of it in connection with God we are led to expect great things; some cheering, some lifting up, some refreshment, some ease, some lightening of our trouble, something very good.

O Thou most worthy judge eternal, we have no comfort in ourselves, and unless Thou hadst revealed Thyself as a comforting God we could have had none in Thee. Show Thyself to us, as Thou art in Thy word. Comfort us with the kindness that there is in Thyself; and speak peace to all the readers of this book, for the sake of The Great Peacemaker, -- the Prince of peace, Jesus Christ Himself -- Amen. (from the Introduction) (2 hr 27 min)