Ministry of Disturbance

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.5 stars; 93 reviews)

Science Fiction at it humorous best written in the golden age of all the greats and published in Astounding Science Fiction December 1958. Piper can't be matched for sardonic comment on human nature. The Empire is stagnant; thousands of planets spread around Earth but nothing new is allowed to happen and disturb the static situation. Our emperor Paul knows this but is powerless to make a dent in the centuries old hide bound bureaucracy of intergalactic politics. But is there a plot to overthrow him? It certainly looks like it. Follow this story closely as it builds to an excellent and exciting climax. Piper's talent and creativity shine through in this story. (1 hr 56 min)


Part 1 21:58 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 2 20:27 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 3 22:06 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 4 22:08 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 5 29:42 Read by Phil Chenevert


thank you

(5 stars)

Thank you, i really like h.b. Piper, thank you for taking time to record this book, can you please record genesis of h.b. Piper?

(5 stars)

An excellent "Golden Age" story with all the humour and insights of the human condition we've come to expect from H.Beam Piper. And of course, read with the usual gusto and professionalism by Mr. Chenevert makes this a must listen!

classic Piper

(4 stars)

Well read short tale by H Beam Piper. When he’s on form he wrote some great stuff and this is a good one!

ministry of disturbance a very good read

(5 stars)

very much enjoyed the readingof the book.

Apt title.

(5 stars)

Clever illustration of the timeless political machine. Clearly read.

Excellent volunteer reader for this story!

(5 stars)

excelente volunteer reEader!!

(5 stars)

The book was well read but boring story/plot.

(5 stars)

Liked the twist at the end.