Prince and Heretic

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This novel is centered on the Dutch House of Orange, and begins with its prince, William. It is set in the time of the Holy Inquisition, when tensions between the Catholic and Protestant churches dominated. (11 hr 1 min)


The Alchemist 14:45 Read by Sonia
Fräulein Anne 21:40 Read by Kaitybg7
Louis of Nassau 16:13 Read by Kaitybg7
The Saint Bartholomew Wedding 21:43 Read by Kaitybg7
William of Orange 15:45 Read by Kaitybg7
The Crystal Gazers 27:09 Read by EVKesserich
Brussels 19:30 Read by Kaitybg7
Margaret of Parma 17:38 Read by Kaitybg7
Cardinal Granvelle 16:50 Read by Kaitybg7
The Rhetoric Play 17:40 Read by Kaitybg7
The Jesters and the Rhetoric Players 18:44 Read by ErikS04
The Grandees 19:06 Read by ErikS04
The Departure of the Cardinal 16:48 Read by ErikS04
The Regent, the Prince, and the Cardinalist 16:23 Read by ErikS04
The Pigeon 16:59 Read by ErikS04
The Loyalty of Lamoral Egmont 18:36 Read by ErikS04
The Amusements of the Princess of Orange 17:50 Read by ErikS04
Philip's Mandate 15:04 Read by ErikS04
The Knight-Errant 16:32 Read by ErikS04
The Edicts 14:36 Read by ErikS04
The Petition 23:47 Read by lichen
The Banquet 18:24 Read by ErikS04
Montigny's Wife 18:31 Read by ErikS04
Antwerp 28:00 Read by ErikS04
The Prince Resigns 17:51 Read by JBReads
Orange and Egmont 17:02 Read by Krystal J Silas
The Coming of Alva 16:21 Read by Graham McMillan
Philip's Avengers 8:09 Read by Adrienne Prevost
Dillenburg 21:10 Read by Ricki
Juliana of Stolberg 20:28 Read by Ricki
Heiliger Lee 17:56 Read by Ricki
The First Battle 17:28 Read by Ricki
News from the Netherlands 14:03 Read by Adrienne Prevost
The Prince at Bay 12:11 Read by Adrienne Prevost
The Action on the Geta 12:27 Read by Adrienne Prevost
The Anabaptist Preacher 13:43 Read by Adrienne Prevost
Winter Time 10:42 Read by Adrienne Prevost
The Abbess 13:23 Read by Ricki


very nice introduction

(5 stars)

wonderfully read The reader really seems to have a deep grasp of the rhythms of the work