The Blue Envelope

Read by Dawn Larsen

(4.4 stars; 83 reviews)

A mystery and adventure story for girls set in Alaska. (4 hr 37 min)


Forward & A Mysterious Disappearance 26:37 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Bold Stroke Rewarded 18:44 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Mysterious Phi Beta Ki 9:07 Read by Dawn Larsen
For He Is A White Man's Dog 15:26 Read by Dawn Larsen
Cast Adrift 14:55 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Dread White Line 12:39 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Blue Envelope Disappears 15:40 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Visit to the Chukches 21:35 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Close Call 15:34 Read by Dawn Larsen
Finding the Trail 13:01 Read by Dawn Larsen
Without Compass or Guide 11:35 Read by Dawn Larsen
What is That? 15:30 Read by Dawn Larsen
Strange Discoveries 12:25 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Lonesome Island 12:31 Read by Dawn Larsen
Two Red Riding Hoods 14:48 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Fortunate Discovery 9:05 Read by Dawn Larsen
Out of the Night 12:31 Read by Dawn Larsen
A New Peril 14:09 Read by Dawn Larsen
Mysteries Explained 11:43 Read by Dawn Larsen


Too short

(5 stars)

This is one book I wished wouldn't end. Strong female characters! Great adventure with a hint of romance and suspense!

Good story, bit of an abrupt ending

(5 stars)

Two girls who live in Alaska are told they will be getting a letter shortly for a certain young man, and that it is important. Shortly after this, a scary, gravely kind of fellow shows up demanding HE be given the envelope. From here begins a bit of a race to see if the girls can keep the envelope safe from the bad guy while getting it to the right person, and avoiding the winter which is slowly moving into the area. The story is a nice lesson in how harsh weather is managed in the more northern parts. I learned a lot from it. Plus, it was a good adventure story. The reader did a nice job, and the recordings were good, thank you!

Great reading

(3.5 stars)

The reading was magnificent, thank you! 1,5 star I take away because altethe story is adventurous and gentle I was absolutely overwhelmed by the minutiae description of the landscape or the ice - movemenst .... Maybe it's just me, but it was a little trying on my nerves when all I actually wanted to know was what happens to my favourite characters ... in comparison with those descriptions the ending felt a little flat and hastily gotten over with... Other than that - beautiful story, the plot is surprising, the characters are easy to understand, the adventurous make sense.

Exciting adventure

(5 stars)

A fast paced tale of two daring, resourceful young women living among native people on the islands of the Bering Straits. Mystery and adventure result when they meet a young man searching for a blue envelope. The reader is excellent.

Crazy Alaska Adventure

(5 stars)

Wonderfully read! An almost unbelievable adventure of two girls floating on the ice in freezing Alaska! Yet it was a lot of fun listening to what would happen next!

Good adventure

(4 stars)

Unique setting in the far north and the frozen Bering Strait and Alaska and Siberia. A childrens' book not great literature. Good reader.

(5 stars)

Great reading. The reader did a good job and the story about the two girls Alaskan adventures was both educational and interesting.

(3 stars)

too much coincidence. the latter chapters seem to forget the girls competence at camping mentioned so thoroughly in the first chapter