Watt's Songs Against Faults

Read by Bruce Kachuk

(5 stars; 2 reviews)

These superb poems by the hymnist and theologian Isaac Watts emphasize the importance of developing a positive moral outlook and stress the significance of maintaining vigilance to avoid the pitfalls of everyday life.

But although Watts stresses the urgency of heeding the advice outlined in these verses, he delivers his message with divine charm and subtle counsel - never with chastisement, reprimand or rebuke.

These inspiring works constitute a written ethical compass for all who are tempted by forces detrimental to their well being - an ethical compass whose needle points the way to higher self-esteem, enhanced success and the exhilaration gained from choosing and following the right path through a life fraught with hazards and temptations.
- Summary by Bruce Kachuk (0 hr 10 min)


Against Lying 1:49 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Love between Brothers and Sisters 1:36 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Against Idleness and Mischief 1:09 Read by Bruce Kachuk
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Summer's Evening 1:31 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Against Quarrelling and Fighting 1:29 Read by Bruce Kachuk
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Duty to God and Our Neighbour 0:53 Read by Bruce Kachuk