The Aeroplane in War

Read by Jim Locke

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"Although it is still a crude machine—in view of the perfected apparatus which is the aim of thoughtful designers—the aeroplane has demonstrated, in a conclusive way, its value as an instrument of war." - Summary by Authors (6 hr 58 min)


(1 stars)

To the kind and generous individual narrating this work: you are obviously a good person, who wishes to contribute. Thank you for that. In return, you deserve someone who will be honest with you - show you some tough love… You are a horrible reader. A really, REALLY terrible reader. Sadly, you were denied the basic skills of reading aloud learned in elementary school. Your speed, cadence, and inflection are positively horrible. Your presentation is unbearably monotone, and is delivered in run-on sentences, with no regard for punctuation. You need to realize that you are simply no good at this. Please stop making recordings. Find another outlet to volunteer that doesn’t involve the spoken word, where your contributions will have value. Whatever talents you do have, they do NOT include narration, and are not being taken advantage of here on LibriVox.

reader makes it impossible to listen to

(0.5 stars)

another excellent book ruined by a terrible reared. I know it's volunteer reading but librovox should have some form of quality control...

Worse than a monotone computer

(0.5 stars)

Unbearably monotone and droll. Cant even finish due to this narration.