Snarled Identities

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(4.5 stars; 10 reviews)

Nick Carter is a fictional detective who first appeared in 1886 in dime store novels. Over the years, different authors, all taking the nom de plume Nicholas Carter, have penned stories featuring "America's greatest detective". It is time for Nick to take a much-earned vacation, but Chick is disconcerted to see him continuing to read the newspaper. Who know what mystery will catch his eye? Suddenly, he notices the announcement of the death of his old adversary 'Green-Eye Gordon'. (5 hr 35 min)


Startling News 4:37 Read by John
'Green-Eye Gordon' 7:29 Read by John
Not So Dead, After All 9:15 Read by John
The Detective's Halfway House 6:41 Read by John
In Nick's Shoes 6:52 Read by John
An Interruption 9:39 Read by tommack
The Rascal's First Client 8:23 Read by David Angelo
The Absconding Treasurer 6:20 Read by Paul Harvey
Chance Plays Into Gordon's Hands 9:05 Read by Paul Harvey
The Impostor's Cleverness 9:53 Read by Paul Harvey
Cray Gets his Orders 7:29 Read by Tim Jones
Green Eye Does Some Thinking 6:23 Read by Tim Jones
The Police Dog Acts Strangely 6:17 Read by Tim Jones
Cray Calls on Mrs. Simpson 6:30 Read by Tim Jones
Some Interesting Information 5:16 Read by Tim Jones
The Tire Prints 6:54 Read by Tim Jones
Cray Wires for 'Carter' 6:11 Read by Tim Jones
Gordon Tackles Nick's Safe 6:10 Read by Tim Jones
An Untimely Knock 5:55 Read by Tim Jones
The Blackmailer's Supreme Haul 6:55 Read by Tim Jones
The Masquerader Joins Cray 8:48 Read by Chris Brown
Plans for the Night 6:16 Read by drwebber
The Watchers Make Themselves Scarce 5:40 Read by Tim Jones
Rewarded At Last 4:54 Read by Tim Jones
Those Extra-Heavy Suitcases 6:27 Read by Tim Jones
Not on the Program 6:23 Read by Tim Jones
Gordon Makes his Get-Away 7:04 Read by Tim Jones
What the Dog Barked At 6:29 Read by Tim Jones
'The Greenish Eyes' 6:37 Read by Tim Jones
Mrs. Simpson Learns the Truth 6:05 Read by Tim Jones
The Millionaire Plays Sleuth 6:30 Read by Tim Jones
Simpson is Found 6:12 Read by Tim Jones
Suspicion Falls on Nick 7:10 Read by Tim Jones
Griswold in Command 6:08 Read by Andrew Gaunce
A Trap Is Set for Nick 7:00 Read by Paul Hampton
At Cross Purposes 8:18 Read by Paul Hampton
Griswold Still Doubtful 7:24 Read by Paul Hampton
Nick Discovers his Loss 7:09 Read by Paul Hampton
Cray's Lips are Unsealed 6:59 Read by Paul Hampton
Nick Outlines his Campaign 5:31 Read by Steven Jon Peterson
Waiting for a Nibble 7:36 Read by Paul Hampton
The First Victim 7:07 Read by Paul Hampton
An Astounding Ruse 6:57 Read by Paul Hampton
Nick's Suspicions Confirmed 8:34 Read by Larry Wilson
Comparing Notes 5:54 Read by Luke Burgess
Gordon's Letters Reach their Mark 6:03 Read by JackpotSeven
The Blackmailer Warns his Victim 8:45 Read by Phelps Laguna
Up Against It 9:34 Read by John