Women's Wild Oats: Essays on the Re-fixing of Moral Standards

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A resounding and, for the times, outrageous look at restructuring British society using the first world war as trigger for changing the place of women in the workplace and their homes, right down to their relations with their children. These essays are persuasively argued and copiously documented. - Summary by czandra (5 hr 5 min)


Introductory 16:03 Read by Aundrea
The Prosperity of Fools 41:30 Read by Aundrea
The Covenant of God 34:33 Read by czandra
That Which is Wanting 47:49 Read by Chris Greaves
"Give, Give!" 43:55 Read by czandra
If a Child Could Choose? 47:44 Read by czandra
Foreseeing Evil 38:41 Read by KevinS
Conclusion 35:41 Read by czandra