The Metal Moon

Read by Paul Harvey

(3.9 stars; 27 reviews)

With interplanetary exploration. expeditions will range through and beyond the solar system. Colonization will not be far behind. But what will the colonies be like at the end of several hundred centuries and would they even recognize each other as members of the same human stock? The book focuses on four different races, and what will be the outcome of contact between them.

- Summary by Paul Harvey (1 hr 41 min)


The Metal Moon 20:05 Read by Paul Harvey
The Pleasure Bubble 19:36 Read by Paul Harvey
The Coming of the Teardrops 17:25 Read by Paul Harvey
The Monstrosities 18:05 Read by Paul Harvey
The Struggle for Freedom 26:10 Read by Paul Harvey



(5 stars)

from an Era when the idea of humans on Jupiter wasn't inclined to induce scoffing & guffaws . the ether propeller was fun too.

A fun quick and classic read.

(3 stars)

Even though a little hokey, still a fun read. The reader didn't excellent job. Thank you Mr Harvey