The Boy Scouts Down in Dixie

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The Silver Fox Patrol are starting a new adventure down in the swamp of Louisiana. This trip is an important one to Thad, because they are looking for his long lost little sister, Pauline. All the boys are there to support their friend and leader, and, of course, trouble is never really that far behind these young men!

Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne. (7 hr 57 min)


Khaki Boys in the Sunny Southland 21:20 Read by Shasta
Among the Puzzling Swamp Water Trails 21:36 Read by Shasta
Camp-Fare 17:30 Read by Shasta
Some Woods Lore 17:24 Read by Shasta
Bumpus on Guard 17:19 Read by Shasta
The Night Prowler 14:10 Read by DynoHarshal
The Heart of a Scout 17:22 Read by Shasta
Looking Backward 21:14 Read by Shasta
"Combing" the Swamp Labyrinth 22:12 Read by Shasta
Was the Mystery Solved? 17:00 Read by Shasta
Alligator Smith, the Guide 17:32 Read by Shasta
What a Scout Stands For 17:11 Read by DynoHarshal
More Trouble All Around 8:53 Read by mleigh
Swamp Tactics 9:36 Read by Tyler Crouch
Still Bumping Bumpus 19:57 Read by Ares Sancho
Ricky's Post Office 21:36 Read by Ares Sancho
The Sheriff's Round-Up Posse 16:32 Read by Shasta
A Surprise 17:30 Read by Shasta
Joining Forces 16:57 Read by Shasta
The Scouts Show the Way 17:24 Read by Shasta
On the Trail 17:30 Read by Shasta
The Man-Trap 16:38 Read by mleigh
The Anchor to Windward 13:05 Read by czandra
The Oasis in the Quaking Bog 17:26 Read by Shasta
Playing "Second Fiddle" to a Boy 16:46 Read by Shasta
Polly 18:51 Read by Shasta
Mr. Jasper Surprised 13:14 Read by Shasta
The Mystery Solved - Conclusion 13:22 Read by Shasta


good story for kids

(5 stars)

might be a bit unnerving for the under 6 crowd