Heart of Spring

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John Shaw Neilson was born at Penola, South Australia in 1872, the son of a farmer and contractor who removed to Victoria when Neilson was nine years of age. The boy had little schooling and early went to work in the hard way of the Bush.

His poems were long meditated and slowly brought to utterance. His equipment was a few books well conned, and the strong blood and high heart of his Scottish ancestry.

(From the Book's Preface) (1 hr 40 min)


Preface 4:41 Read by Kay Williams
Heart of Spring! 1:46 Read by Alan Mapstone
Green Singer 1:11 Read by mleigh
Song Be Delicate 0:55 Read by Enneos88
Petticoat Green 3:23 Read by Louise Poulsom
Greeting 0:53 Read by lapoveca
The Land Where I Was Born 2:27 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Sun Is Up 1:06 Read by Larry Wilson
Pale Neighbour 1:17 Read by Cassandra
To A Blue Flower 1:22 Read by Alan Mapstone
Old Nell Dickerson 3:02 Read by Cassandra
Bush Scene 1:11 Read by Alan Mapstone
Julie Callaway 2:35 Read by mleigh
Lowan's Nest 1:03 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Old Granny Sullivan 4:27 Read by Alan Mapstone
May 1:05 Read by Louise Poulsom
Maggie Tulliver 1:52 Read by Alan Mapstone
Break of Day 1:05 Read by lapoveca
Little Dead Milliner 2:10 Read by Larry Wilson
"The Day Is Thine" 1:52 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Sheedy Was Dying 2:23 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
The Eyes of Little Charlotte 2:20 Read by Katrina Dixon
Meeting of Sighs 1:07 Read by Rebecca Eden Walker
Old Violin 0:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Love's Coming 1:05 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Lover Sings 2:30 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Girl With The Black Hair 1:29 Read by Andrew Gaunce
'Twas In The Early Summer Time 2:26 Read by Alan Mapstone
As Far As My Heart Can Go 1:11 Read by John Pederson
Her Eyes 0:55 Read by John Pederson
The Heart Longs 1:34 Read by John Pederson
The Hour Is Lost 1:25 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Surely God Was A Lover 1:12 Read by Larry Wilson
You, And Yellow Air 1:50 Read by Louise Poulsom
Dear Little Cottage 1:52 Read by Rebecca Eden Walker
Roses Three 1:00 Read by cadwallader
The Sacrifice 1:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Little White Girl 1:15 Read by lapoveca
In The Street 1:30 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Child of Tears 1:38 Read by Larry Wilson
The Petticoat Plays 1:28 Read by SmilingJade
The Loving Tree 2:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Inland Born 3:55 Read by SmilingJade
The Child We Lost 2:53 Read by mleigh
Under A Kurrajong 0:56 Read by Larry Wilson
The Luckless Bard To The Flying Blossom 1:05 Read by Larry Wilson
From A Coffin 0:36 Read by cadwallader
All The World's A Lolly-Shop 2:01 Read by mleigh
It Is The Last 1:49 Read by yaumixx
The White Flowers Came 1:45 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Wedding In September 3:00 Read by mleigh
The Hour of the Parting 1:00 Read by Bruce Kachuk
O, Lady of the Dazzling Flowers! 1:12 Read by Larry Wilson
The Song and the Bird 1:02 Read by Larry Wilson
The Scent O' The Lover 1:26 Read by mamatiff82
At The End Of Spring 1:16 Read by Louise Poulsom
For A Child 0:55 Read by Larry Wilson
The Dream Is Deep 1:22 Read by Larry Wilson