The Moon Destroyers

Read by Paul Harvey

(4 stars; 30 reviews)

The tremendous speed of the dive brought them so close that they could see the skeletons of wrecked ships piled up at the base of the precipice. The moon is not only the most prominent object in our heavens, but also an integral part of the earth. We are, so to speak, an astronomical unit, and we affect each other for better or for worse. We know that the gravitational attraction of the moon causes our tides, and tends to slow up the earth in her daily rotation. It has also been deemed responsible for earthquakes, causing untold suffering among earth's people. Does the moon hold other secrets? - Summary by Author (1 hr 13 min)


The Laurentian Fault 17:42 Read by Paul Harvey
A Midnight Attack 16:43 Read by Paul Harvey
A Sudden Encounter 11:47 Read by Paul Harvey
The Light Began to Fade 10:55 Read by Paul Harvey
Collecting the Crew 16:00 Read by Paul Harvey


(2.5 stars)

that was being generous but it's worth 2.5 just for Paul's effort and Libervox. weak story but very short also✌🏼

A decent sci-fi short.

(3 stars)

A decent sci-fi short, typical for that era. Paul Harvey did an excellent job reading.