New Lamps

Read by Paul Harvey

(3.9 stars; 19 reviews)

Ronson came to the Red Planet on the strangest mission of all ... he only knew he wanted to see Les Ro, but he didn't know exactly why. It was because he knew that Les Ro had the answer to something that had never been answered before, if indeed, it had ever been asked! For Les Ro traded new lamps for old—and they were the lamps of life itself! A story of what life holds for all of us. - Summary by Author (1 hr 22 min)


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Not misogynistic enough

(5 stars)

We male feminists needs misogynistic old white males to justify our existence. I was expecting this book to be a completely hate filled ode to oppression of women. I was extremely disappointed to find all the females were not locked in cages and forced to produce milk for the males morning cereal. This is problematic, as it does not provide the necessary foil with which to produce my rightfull feminist rage

uninspired forgettable story

(2 stars)

Decent reader, but the plot, character development and writing are unimaginative. The author’s view of women makes the tale seem sadly dated.

Disappointing ending

(4 stars)

Good story, but disappointed with the final twist.