The History of Esculent Fish

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Roger North, son of Dudley North, 4th Baron North, was a successful member of the bar and later member of parliament. But he had wide ranging interests from architecture to music. He has an avid collector of books and is best known as the biographer of the North family. Here we sample his interest in raising fish. He presents fifteen short sketches of esculent (edible) fish, and a longer essay as "A Discourse of Fish and Fish Ponds." - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 6 min)


The Barbel 1:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Carp 6:53 Read by alexandraatiya
The Chub 2:18 Read by nwlilley
The Cod Fish 1:39 Read by TriciaG
The Haddock 2:27 Read by TriciaG
The Herring 4:55 Read by AbbasVO
The Mackarel 2:00 Read by Margaret Lange
The Mullet 2:33 Read by AbbasVO
The Perch 1:38 Read by AbbasVO
The Pike 1:57 Read by Margaret Lange
The Roach and The Shad 4:10 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
The Tench and The Trout 4:22 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Whiting 1:50 Read by Margaret Lange
Of the Situation and Disposition of the Principal Waters 3:02 Read by Larry Wilson
Of the Manner of making and raising Pond Heads 2:49 Read by Jen Warren
The Dimensions of Pond Heads 2:14 Read by Jen Warren
Of securing your Banks 3:22 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Of Sluices 2:20 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Of the Manner of Working to raise a Pond Head 5:57 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Of Auxiliary Waters 1:22 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Of Stews 2:51 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Of Moats 8:01 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Of Other Auxiliary Waters 3:01 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
The Course of Laying the Great Waters Dry 3:46 Read by MollyA
Of Breeding of Fish 4:30 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Manner of Stocking Waters 8:54 Read by Adrian Stephens
Of the Manner of Feeding Fish 7:39 Read by Adrian Stephens
Of Disposing Your Increase of Fish 5:21 Read by Adrian Stephens
Of fishing for Carriage 4:32 Read by Adrian Stephens
Of Nurseries to Ponds and Fish 1:16 Read by Victoria James
Of Frosts, and the Way to Save the Fish in Them 7:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Of the Ordinary Benefits and Improvements by Fish 5:33 Read by Owlivia
Of Benefits besides the Main Design 2:45 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
The Conclusion 1:14 Read by Larry Wilson


A Brief Overview

(3 stars)

First, thanks to all the volunteers who narrated this, you did a great job. This book is more of an outline rather than a history. Each topic gets its own section, but each section is only a few minutes long. Usually I can tune out the mandatory Librivox disclaimer at the beginning of each section, but with this book it was a challenge. The author aimed his book at people who owned large estates or farms. He advised that the ponds should be several acres in area, advised how many fish to stock per acre, and even suggested that if the landlord had a disused moat (!) lying around it could be cleaned and repaired and linked to the pond system. (The young members of the household could entertain themselves with fishing and rowing. )