The Tale of Solomon Owl (Version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A delightful tale of an owl who moves into the woods of Pleasant Valley. Everything is not smooth of course and his amusing adventures are all related here. Fun stuff for children and adults - Summary by phil chenevert (1 hr 41 min)


Scaring Johnny Green 5:12 Read by jbcampo
A Newcomer 4:25 Read by jbcampo
Solomon Likes Frogs 3:07 Read by Kayty Harrelson
An Odd Bargain 3:26 Read by Kingsnake
The Cold Weather Coat 7:22 Read by Dulaney High Key Club
Solomon Needs a Change 4:36 Read by LittleRoo2020
The Blazing Eyes 4:37 Read by Dulaney High Key Club
Watching The Chickens 5:37 Read by mleigh
Hallowe'en 4:50 Read by Heather Davis
A Troublesome Wishbone 4:05 Read by Lysa Ali
Cured At Last 4:01 Read by Adeline Chris
Benjamin Bat 4:59 Read by Adeline Chris
The Lucky Guest 4:19 Read by Margaret Lange
Hanging By The Heels 4:01 Read by Margaret Lange
Disputes Settled 5:15 Read by Lysa Ali
Nine Fights 4:19 Read by Margaret Lange
Cousin Simon Screecher 4:02 Read by qthemusic123
A Cousinly Quarrel 4:33 Read by Lysa Ali
The Sleet Storm 4:26 Read by jane03388
Pair Of Red-Heads 5:04 Read by mleigh
At Home In The Haystack 4:15 Read by qthemusic123
It Was Solomon's Fault 5:21 Read by qthemusic123