The Tale of Benny Badger (Version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 2 reviews)

Let's follow the adventures of Benny the Badger as he bumbles around the meadows digging everywhere and trying to be friends with all the animals. Unless they threaten him of course, then it's another matter and his ability to fight is legendary. But he is a peaceful soul, full of inquisitiveness and natural good humor. (1 hr 37 min)


A Great Digger 4:27 Read by Patrice DeHart
Hunting for Something 3:27 Read by Patrice DeHart
No One at Home 3:48 Read by Patrice DeHart
Mr. Coyote Sings 4:51 Read by Patrice DeHart
Speaking of Ground Squirrels 3:45 Read by Patrice DeHart
Strange Partners 4:00 Read by T.Honcharyk
Mr. Coyote Remembers 4:25 Read by ferostorga99
A Watcher and a Worker 3:51 Read by ferostorga99
A Careless Helper 4:08 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Sore Paw 3:40 Read by Wayne Cooke
Birds' Eggs 4:31 Read by nighthawks
The Prairie Chicken 5:21 Read by WanderingWalker
Don't Do That 4:47 Read by WanderingWalker
A Queer Discovery 3:30 Read by RomaSingh
Benny and the Owl 2:50 Read by RomaSingh
Spoiling a Game 4:42 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Prairie Dog Village 5:10 Read by mleigh
Saving the Day 5:04 Read by mleigh
Pleasant Praise 3:33 Read by anniemdylan
The Rancher Is Angry 4:04 Read by anniemdylan
The New Home 4:50 Read by awonski
A Breakfast Invitation 3:34 Read by awonski
Mr. Deer Mouse Is Timid 5:34 Read by awonski