John Buchan - Greenmantle

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Greenmantle By John Buchan, dramatised by Patricia Hannah A ripping yarn by any standards, Greenmantle is set across two action-packed months during the The Great War. A classic espionage and adventure featuring the reckless Richard Hannay. Tasked with unraveling a mysterious message, 1/2. In 1915 Richard Hannay is summoned to the War Office where he is told of an impending Holy War in the East. Greenmantle - once a mythical figure, now made flesh - is preparing to lead a great Islamic army against the infidel English. Hannay's mission is to identify Greenmantle and destroy him. Hannay: David Robb Sandy: James Fleet Sir Walter: Clive Merrison John S Blenkiron: Stuart Milligan Peter: Jon Glover Ulric von Stumm: Jack Klaff German agent: David Timson German mother: Rachel Atkins Herr Gaudian: Harry Myers Undersecretary: Matthew Pidgeon 2/2. In 1915 the prophet Greenmantle is said to be preparing to lead a great Islamic army against the infidel English. But Hannay discovers that Greenmantle has fallen under the spell of the beautiful Hilda von Einem. Mad, bad and very dangerous to know, she plans to use Greenmantle to further German imperial domination. Hannay: David Robb Sandy:n: James Fleet Blenkiron: Stuart Milligan Hilda: Juliet Aubrey Peter: Jon Glover Ulric: Jack Klaff Hussin: Hash ChamcHoun Balloon seller: Matthew Pidgeon Officer: Matthew Pidgeon Producer/Director: Bruce Young Classic Serial: Greenmantle Two episodes First broadcast: Sun 3rd Jul 2005, 15:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM Greenmantle is the second of five novels by John Buchan featuring the character of Richard Hannay, a Scottish intelligence office in the British army, first published in 1916 by Hodder & Stoughton, London. Between Kipling and Fleming stands John Buchan, the father of the modern spy thriller. In Greenmantle, Richard Hannay, hero of The Thirty-Nine Steps, travels across war-torn Europe in search of a German plot and an Islamic Messiah. He is joined by three more of Buchan's heroes: Peter Pienaar, the old Boer Scout; John S. Blenkiron, the American determined to fight the Kaiser; and Sandy Arbuthnot. Greenmantle himself is partly modeled on Lawrence of Arabia. The intrepid four move in disguise through Germany to Constantinople and the Russian border to face their enemies-the grotesque Stumm and the evil beauty of Hilda von Einem. 

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BBC Radio has not produced that one? I would suggest this: Librivox and John Buchan. LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to, on their computers, iPods or other mobile device, or to burn onto a CD. Thank you! Much appreciated...more to come...

WOW, Thank you!

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Just found your page...Great Stuff. If you can find an audiobook/drama about Buchan's Half-Hearted, that would be great. I also put you on my Favorites page so you get more exposure, least I could do. A

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Excellent!!! On the edge pf my seat the whole time!