De Profundis

Read by Aaron Elliott

(4.3 stars; 33 reviews)

This short work of Wilde's was written during his two year incarceration for "gross indecency". This work is a letter which sorts out his life, and his love toward Lord Alfred Douglas. Wilde wrote this as a farewell letter to Douglas. (summary by Aaron Elliott)

NOTE: "Transcribed from the 1913 Methuen & Co. edition. Note that later editions of De Profundis contained more material. The most complete editions are still in copyright in the U.S.A." (1 hr 49 min)


Part 1 26:29 Read by Aaron Elliott
Part 2 28:01 Read by Aaron Elliott
Part 3 30:11 Read by Aaron Elliott
Part 4 25:10 Read by Aaron Elliott


Incomplete book

(1.5 stars)

As the description says, this less than half of the complete book. There is a wonderful reading available on YouTube.

(4 stars)

reader is ok, O. Wilde does a great job of self realization and owning his mistakes.