The Silver Fox by Somerville and Ross

The Silver Fox, by Somerville and Ross, is a slightly darker and more politically astute work than their more celebrated 'Experiences Of An Irish RM'. 1 Captain Hugh French, newly married and recently returned from India, has reopened French's Court his ancestral pile in West Cork. However, a restless wife, Lady Susan, and even more restless tenants, hint at troubled times ahead. 2 A rival for his wife's affections forces a crisis in Hugh's confidence from which he just may not recover. Following a fall whilst playing polo, Captain French faces something approaching a crisis of confidence. His nerve deserts him and, when the hunt proves incapable of catching an elusive silver fox, questions are asked about Captain French's (known as Master of Foxhounds) strength of character. As French himself knows, weakness is something his class the gentry finds insupportable whether in India or in marginally less remote corners of the Empire, such as West Cork. A price will have to be paid... Director and producer/Eoin O'Callaghan CAST: Captain Hugh French....John Dougall Lady Susan French....Gillian Kearney Slaney Morris....Cathy Belton Wilfrid Glascott....Nicholas Boulton Major Bunny Bunbury....Antony Glennon Danny Quin....John Hewitt Brigid Quin....Marion O'Dwyer Tom Quin....Pat Kinevane Tim O'Driscoll....Kevin Flood Tierney....Stephen O'Rourke Mrs Slattery....Aine McCartney Mrs Glascott....Jasmine Callan Capt Onslow....Richard Howard Train driver....John Hewitt Dramatised by Christopher Fitz-Simon and directed by Eoin O'callaghan Edith OEnone Somerville and "Martin Ross" (Violet Martin) are best known for their humorous Irish R.M. stories; their novels The Real Charlotte and The Big House at Inver are also still deservedly popular. The Silver Fox , a short novel, was first published in 1898 and reprinted several times in the next ten years. Classic Serial: The Silver Fox Sun 28th Oct 2007, 15:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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The Silver Fox - 1 56:55
The Silver Fox - 2 56:12