HG Wells A Dream Of Armageddon

(4.5 stars; 20 reviews)

The Seventh Dimension - A Dream of Armageddon From Sun 13th May 2007, 18:30 on BBC 7 Two Episodes By H.G. Wells Describes a disturbing vision of the future and carries a powerful anti-war message.   Episode One: Stranger A stranger on a train reveals his secret. When he dreams, he enters a future reality of an advanced civilization descending into senseless war. Read in two-parts by Robert Bathurst. Episode Two: Escape The anti-war story hero escapes with his wife to try and shield her from the horrors of battle Read in two-parts by Robert Bathurst Producer: Gemma Jenkins A Dream of Armageddon, a short story by H. G. Wells was first published in the British weekly magazine Black and White. Written in 1901, this is a disturbing vision of the future - as Wells comes uncannily close to predicting the horrors of the Second World War.

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The Lucidity of Dreams

(5 stars)

Dream of Armageddon, this text lures you in with the question; "are dreams windows into other realities"?. I found the idea intriguing, as one wakes from a dream sometimes questioning their own reality. More so when we lose entire lives the moment we open our eyes.

A dream or the future?

(5 stars)

A short, dark and prescient tale from HG Wells at his best. Compelling tale performed superbly in this radio adaptation.