How They Succeeded

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Success! Alluring, fascinating, informative. Why are some people successful while others languish on the scrap heap of life? Hard work? Luck? Nepotism? Genius? Here we have the Life Stories of Successful Men (and Women) Told by Themselves. 22 people who made their mark on their chosen field, some of whom have gone down in history... Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie. Others were no less successful in their day, but whose names have not made their mark to such an extent. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (7 hr 31 min)


Introductory Note 2:16 Read by Eitel
Marshall Field 13:46 Read by Wayne Cooke
Bell Telephone Talk -- Hints on Success by Alexander G. Bell 20:48 Read by Mike Atkinson
Why the American People Like Helen Gould 29:31 Read by jenno
Philip D. Armour's Business Career 29:28 Read by Tommy Hersant
What Miss Mary E. Proctor Did to Popularize Astronomy 11:05 Read by jenno
The Boyhood Experience of President Schurman of Cornell 12:25 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Story of John Wanamaker 34:09 Read by Darrell Nobles
Giving up Five Thousand a Year to Become a Sculptor 11:48 Read by orangeteafox
Questions and Answers Business Pointers by Darius Ogden Mills 11:27 Read by orangeteafox
Nordica: What it Takes to Become a Queen of Song 29:06 Read by Jenn Broda
He Worked to Secure a Foot-Hold William Dean Howells 16:11 Read by Chad Jackson
John D. Rockefeller 36:07 Read by Tommy Hersant
The Author of Battle Hymn of the Republic and Her Views of Education for Young … 16:15 Read by Tommy Hersant
A Talk with Edison Dramatic Incidents in his Early Life 23:37 Read by orangeteafox
A Fascinating Story by General Lew Wallace 12:42 Read by SCvocals
Carnegie as a Metal Worker 31:22 Read by TR Love
John B. Herreshoff The Yacht Builder 31:17 Read by ToddHW
A Successful Novelist: Fame After Fifty Practical Hints to Young Authors, by Am… 13:33 Read by Michele Eaton
How Theodore Thomas Brought the People Nearer to Music 16:57 Read by altrin
John Burroughs at Home: The Hut on the Hill Top 13:55 Read by Night
Vreeland's Romantic Story How He Came to Transport a Million Passengers a Day 21:42 Read by jenno
How James Whitcomb Riley Came to be Master of the Hoosier Dialect 12:29 Read by Wayne Cooke


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