Jazz Today #19 (12/31/1957)

Episode #19 of "Jazz Today", hosted by Bill Coben and aired on KOMO, Seattle on New Year's Eve, 1957. With just an hour or so to go until 1958, Bill spins favorite cuts from 1930 through 1957, with selections from Gene Krupa, The Four Brothers, and Charles Mingus. As always, the show is presented by Rainier Beer.  This was recorded in the studio, in full-track mono at 7.5 inches per second, on a 7" reel of Scotch 190. A quarter-track stereo TEAC A6300 deck from the mid 1970s was used to transfer the tape to digital.  1) Opening Credits (0:00-1:48) 2) Gene Krupa and Roy Elridge - "After You've Gone", 1941 (1:48-4;24) 3) Ad, Rainier Beer "Mellow, like Rainier" (4:40:5:40) 4) The Four Brothers - "The Pretty One" (wrongly called "The Swinging Door") (6:02-9:33) 5) Plug for Simon Preston's "Dial 1000" on KOMO, warning about drunk drivers (9:33-10:40) 6) Jimmy Lunsford Band - "'Tain't Whatcha Do, It's the Way Hatcha Do It", 1939 (10:40-13:43) 7) Charles Mingus - "Dizzy Moods" (15:08-22:02) 8) Duke Ellington and Ivy Anderson - "Mood Indigo", 1930 (22:53-25:35) 9) Ad, Rainier Beer Waltz (26:00-26:31) 10) Count Basie and His Orchestra - "April in Paris", 1957 (27:02-30:49) 11) Anita O'Day and Roy Elridge, with the Gene Krupa Band- "Let Me Off Uptown", 1941 (31:17-34:17) 12) The Four Brothers - "Here We Go Again" (wrongly called "A Quick One") (34:52-38:35) 13) Closing Credits (38:35-end)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Jazz Today #19 12-31-1957 40:16