Jubilee ran from 1942 to 1953 and was aimed as a morale-building service for black troops and aired for military personnel. The show was hosted by Bubbles Whitman, yet was never broadcast at home. Jubilee filled an important gap in the musical history of radio, though it was transcribed for distribution to service personnel and was not heard home. Conceived, at least in part, as a morale-building service for for Negro troops overseas, it presented bands and entertainment that had been given short shrift by the networks. The wartime host, Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman, was a jive-talking bundle of energy. Most of the shows were recorded before live audiences in Los Angeles: either at network studios or in the facilities of such syndicators as C.P. MacGregor and Universal Recorders. The series has emerged as an important piece of black heritage: its War Department status ex-empted the performing artists from the union-mandated recording bans of 1942-43 and 1947-48, and many of the discs contain unique performances. Synopsis from oldtimeradiodownloads.com https://www.oldtimeradiodownloads.com/variety/jubilee

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Duke Ellington and Ethel Waters 29:44
Joe Luis and Lena Horne 25:01
Benny Carter and Nicodemus 29:57
Louis Armstrong (Aint Misbehavin') 29:27
Count Basie and Jimmy Rushing (Basie Boogie) 29:42
Delta Rhythm Boys and Jimmy Lunceford 28:21
Delta Rhythm Boys and Lucky Millander 29:42
Lucky Millinder and Jimmy Noone 32:09
Charioters Rochester adn Lucky Millander 30:25
Ernie Morris and Jimmy Jordan 30:05
Erskine Hawking and Rosetta Tharpe 29:13
Erskin Hawkings and Nat King Cole 30:58
Barney Bigard and Louis Jordan 29:40
Erskine Hawkins and Rochester 30:43
All Soldier Show 31:25
Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong 29:01
Louis Jordan and Nat King Cole 30:11
Harlan Leonard and Delta Rhythm Boys 30:51
Lionel Hampton and Golden Gate Quartet 30:51
Count Basie and Teddy Wilson 30:10
Nobile Sissle and Barry Bigard 30:52
CP Johnson and Etta James 29:28
Louis Armstrong and The Mills Brothers 29:41
CP Johnson and Johnny Mercer 32:43
Tiny Bradshaw and Jack Benny 29:26
Cab Calloway and Nat King Cole 30:49
Andy Kird and Bob Crosby 30:28
Duke Ellington and Art Tatum 31:29
Fletcher Henderson 28:58
Fletcher Henderson and Lena Horne 33:42
International Sweet Hearts of Rhythm 31:01
Jimmie Lunceford and Nat King Cole 31:13
Jimmie Lunceford 31:38
Benny Carter 29:38
Ether Waters and Johnny Mercer 30:35
Jimmie Luceford and Lena Horne 30:58
Elmer Fain and Tommy Dorsey 30:10
Count Basie and Thelma Hopkins 30:32
Count Basie and Rochester 29:33
Lionel Hampton and Les Paul 30:07
Earl Hines and Gary Moore 29:45
Earl Hines and June Richmond 26:34
Jack Benny and Rochester 28:08
Lucky Millinder and Gene Krupa 32:00
Lucky Millinder adn Judy Carroll 29:18
Duke Ellington 29:31
Benny Carter and Effie Smith 29:44
Benny Carter adn Betty Roche 29:32
Andy Kirk and Gwynne Time 29:31
Eddie Green and Benny Carter 29:29
Joe Liggins and Jimmy Luceford 29:14
Jimmy Luceford 29:31
Alvino Rey and Lillian Randolph 29:19
Count Basie and Ann Moore 29:30
Dick Haymes and Count Basie 29:52
Eddie Green and Herb Jeffries 29:25
Stan Kenton and June Cristy 29:59
Lionel Hampton and Frankie Robinson 30:07
Boyd Raeburn and David Allen 29:33
Lionel Hampton and Lena Horne 29:31
Boyd Raeburn and Ginny Powell 32:24
Benny Carter and Delta Rhythm Boys 29:46
Art Walker and Delores Parker 29:33
Wingy Minone and Kid Ory 29:41
Bobby Sherwood 30:11
Cliff Land and Four Chicks and Chuck 29:42
Cliff Lang and Kay Starr 29:28
Les Paul and Benny Carter 29:37
Count Basie 29:25
Benny Carter and Nat King Cole 29:24
Lionel Hampton and Lena Horne 29:12
Andy Kirk and Eddie Heywood 29:22
Jimmy Luceford and Andre Previn 29:30
Charles Barnett adn Eddie Haywood 29:22
Harry James and Etta James 31:27
Benny Carter and Josh White 29:35
Benny Carter and Nat King Cole 29:54
Benny Carter and Helen Humes 29:20
Jack McVea and Jack Teagarden 30:11
Jack McVea and Joey Preston 29:53
Pete Daley and Martha Tilton 29:57
Woody Herman and Jesse Price 31:39
Gerald Wilson and Mabel Scott 31:02
Stan Kenton and The Hollywood Blazes 30:25
Bobby Sherwood and The Saul David Trio 30:50
Beryl Davis and Cyril Hanes 30:31
Ike Carptntter and The Four Blazes 31:01
Al Killean and Hada Brooks 31:03
Eddie Skrivanek and Peter Lind Hayes 30:08
Roy Milton Sextet and Linda Stevens 31:28
Count Basie and Ella Mae Morse 31:24
Benny Carter and Peggy lee 30:37
Charlie Barnett adn Frankie Laine 30:42
Benny Carter and Peggy Lee 30:57
Ernie Gill Orchestra and Penny Piper 31:38
Murray MacEachern and Kid Ory 30:10
Opei Cates Orchestra and Martha Tilton 31:32
Albert Stack Orchestra and Annette Warren 31:43
Benny Carter and Benny Goodman 31:51
Earl Spencer and Kaye Starr 30:02
Opie Cates Orchestra and Ginny Anderson 30:30
Jimmy Mundy and Nat King Cole 30:37
Jimmy Mundy 30:02
Dave Cavanaugh and Ernie Felice 31:37
Benny Goodman and Howard McGhee 31:19
Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee 32:11
Jimmy Luceford Orchestra and Joe Thomas 29:53
Jimmy Zeto and Kay Starr 30:30
Harry Lubin adn Walter Gross 30:28
Harry Lubin and Delta Rhythm Boys 30:47
Harry James Orchestra and Willie Smith 31:27
Harry James and Earl Hines 31:17
Count Basie Orchestra and Jimmy Rushing 31:15
Count Basie adn Toni Harper 31:23
Jean Taylor and Jackie Mills Quintet 30:43
Harry Babsin and Jack Teagarden 29:37
Benny Carter Orchestra and The Connie Jordan Quartet 31:13
Johnnie Otis and Joan Barton 32:02
Billy Eckstine and The Trenner Twins 31:28
Jimmy Witherspoon and Ella Fitzgerald 31:22
Frances Wayne adn Neal Hefti Quartet 29:52
Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour 30:00
Eddie Gill Orchestra and Patty Piper 30:07
Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Kenton 30:17
Gene Krupa and Delores Hawkins 30:01
Ray Anthony and Judd Conlon (1st Half) 14:25