Sermons for all the Sundays in the year (Sermons I - XXV)

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This work is entitled, ABRIDGED SERMONS FOR ALL THE SUNDAYS IN THE YEAR. They are called Abridged Sermons, because, although each contains abundant matter for a sermon, the sentiments are briefly expressed—not, however, so briefly as to render the sense obscure. Hence the work may be used for spiritual lectures. Diffuseness has been purposely avoided, that the preacher may extend the subject treated in the way which may appear best to him. A preacher will scarce ever deliver, with zeal and warmth, sentiments which he has not made in some manner his own. Hence the matter of each sermon has been condensed into a small compass, that the preacher may extend it according to his pleasure, and thus make it his own.

In each sermon there are many passages from the Scriptures and Holy Fathers, and a variety of reflections—perhaps too many for a single discourse—that the reader may select what will be ‘most pleasing to him. The style is easy and simple, and therefore calculated to render the preaching of the Divine Word conducive to the salvation of souls. (Summary by the author - St. Alphonsus Liguori) (6 hr 46 min)


Sermon I First Sunday Of Advent - On The General Judgment 13:41 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon II Second Sunday Of Advent - On The Advantages Of Tribulations 19:49 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon III Third Sunday Of Advent - On The Means Necessary For Salvation 12:04 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon IV Fourth Sunday Of Advent - On The Love Of Jesus Christ For Us, And On … 14:43 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon V Sunday Within The Octave Of The Nativity - In What True Wisdom Consists 16:31 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon VI - Malice Of Mortal Sin 16:11 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon VII Second Sunday After The Epiphany - On The Confidence With Which We O… 15:25 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon VIII Third Sunday After The Epiphany - On The Remorse Of The Damned 11:58 Read by ancientchristian
Sermon IX Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany - Dangers To Eternal Salvation 12:58
Sermon X Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany - On The Pains Of Hell 16:09
Sermon XI Sixth Sunday After The Epiphany - On The Death Of The Just 24:28
Sermon XII Septuagesima Sunday - On The Importance Of Salvation 15:00
Sermon XIII Sexagesima Sunday - On The Unhappy Life Of Sinners, And On The Happ… 17:46
Sermon XIV Quinquagesima Sunday - Delusions Of Sinners 13:57
Sermon XV First Sunday Of Lent - On The Number Of Sins Beyond Which God Pardons… 16:13
Sermon XVI Second Sunday Of Lent - On Heaven 14:30
Sermon XVII Third Sunday In Lent - On Concealing Sins In Confession 14:53
Sermon XVIII Fourth Sunday Of Lent - On The Tender Compassion Which Jesus Chris… 16:37
Sermon XIX Passion Sunday - On The Danger To Which Tepidity Exposes The Soul 15:19
Sermon XX Palm Sunday - On The Evil Effects Of Bad Habits 18:48
Sermon XXI Easter Sunday - On The Miserable State Of Relapsing Sinners 16:41
Sermon XXII First Sunday After Easter - On Avoiding The Occasions Of Sin 16:56
Sermon XXIII Second Sunday After Easter - On Scandal 18:48
Sermon XXIV Third Sunday After Easter - On The Value Of Time 18:15
Sermon XXV Fourth Sunday After Easter - On Obedience To Your Confessor 18:41