Micah Clarke

(4.9 stars; 12 reviews)

A five-part BBC Radio adaptation by Constance Cox of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's historical novel set against the backdrop of the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685. In 1685, England is once again threatened by civil war as rumors fly that the Protestant Champion, the Duke of Monmouth, will land any day and try by any means possible to usurp the throne of his Catholic uncle, King James II. Micah Clarke and his friend Reuben Lockarby are fishing off Spithead when they find themselves drawn into the center of a conflict that is destined to tear the country apart. Micah Clarke ... Martyn Read Decimus Saxon ... Patrick Troughton Reuben Lockarby ... James Bryce Joseph Clarke ... Nicholas Courtney Major Ogilvy ... Gregory de Polnay Horsford ... Christopher Douglas The Duke of Monmouth ... Simon Ward Sir Gervas Jerome ... Mark Straker The Duke of Beaufort ... John Rye Lord Grey ... David Sinclair Judge Jeffreys ... John Gabriel Directed by David Johnston Broadcast 31 May - 28 April 1985

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Great adventure story.

(5 stars)

The radio dramatization of the story, with sound effects, was very professional, to do credit to the original written story, even enhancing it.

thank you

(5 stars)

Thanks for sharing all of these quality uploads.