Greek Literature

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"The Greeks were the most intellectual people of the old world. … The study of Greek literature is therefore a proper element in a liberal education. The Greek language, naturally flexible and rich in poetical words, becomes in the hands of the great writers a medium of unequalled force, clearness, and adaptability, able to express as well the highest aspirations of the poet as the subtlest shades of philosophical argument or the most abstruse technicalities. The books of Greece have passed the critical selection of the ages, and the student, unencumbered by masses of inferior material, can approach the works of acknowledged masters, the true fountain-head of European culture." - Summary taken from the Introduction (2 hr 38 min)


Introduction 3:08 Read by Devorah Allen
Homer and the Epic 18:46 Read by Heather Eney
Lyric, Elegiac, and Iambic Poetry 20:42 Read by Jeremy Silver
Tragedy 24:27 Read by Emily Maynard
Comedy 8:31 Read by Jennifer Wilson
Early Greek Prose: Herodotus, Thucydides 25:54 Read by Heather Eney
Philosophy: Plato, Aristotle 22:28 Read by Emily Maynard
Oratory: Isocrates, Demosthenes 12:56 Read by Jennifer Wilson
The Hellenistic and Roman Ages 21:50 Read by Katina Papadakis