You Never Can Tell

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(4.6 stars; 5 reviews)

In this witty comedy of errors, the Clandon siblings, Gloria and the twins, Dolly and Philip attempt to uncover the identity of their long lost father. Playwright George Bernard Shaw uses the odd mix of eccentric characters thrown together in a seaside setting to make a number of sharp observations about marriage, romance, and parenthood. (Summary by Kelly S. Taylor)

Cast List

Mr. Valentine, the Dentist cavaet
Mrs. Clandon Kelly S. Taylor
Gloria Clandon Elise Dee
Dolly Clandon Jenn Broda
Philip Clandon ToddHW
Mr. Fergus Crampton Algy Pug
Mr. Finch McComas Greg Giordano
Walter, the waiter Adrian Stephens
Bohun, a QC (Queens Counsel) Andrew Gaunce
The Parlor-maid Hannah Dormor
The Narrator Andrew Latheron
(3 hr 39 min)


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