The Man of Destiny

(3.7 stars; 3 reviews)

A BBC Radio adaptation of one of George Bernard Shaw's lesser-known plays. The year is 1796. Napoleon Bonaparte waits at an inn somewhere in Northern Italy for the arrival of important dispatches. Also staying at the inn is a beautiful but nameless lady. Napoleon's courier arrives, horseless and dispatch-less, to tell him that he was bamboozled out of the dispatches, and from there a story unweaves of both intrigue and romance in the form of a battle of wits between the brilliant and forceful "Little Corsican" and the mysterious lady who seems to know a great deal more than she lets on ... Napoleon Bonaparte ... David Suchet The Lady ... Poala Dianisotti The Lieutenant ... David Timson Giuseppe, the Innkeeper ... John Bott Directed by Pat Trueman Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 8 May 1980

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


The Man of Destiny 58:09